Hall of Fame at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Text and picture from Swedavia.com/arlanda

Loreen was given a warm welcome from her fans when she landed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport after her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. The singer, who is currently enjoying the spotlight, takes a place in the airport’s popular Stockholm Hall of Fame.

“It is a fantastic honour, and it feels incredible to be part of the Stockholm Hall of Fame along with these other Swedish figures,” says Loreen, a singer and artist.

More than 19 million visitors land each year at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Both international visitors and returning Swedes are greeted in the two international terminals by the Stockholm Hall of Fame. The collection of portraits consists of over 100 familiar and unfamiliar persons who are behind the city’s success in sport, music, fashion, design, culture, art and business.

“We are very pleased that Loreen wants to welcome people to the Stockholm region along with the others who make up the Stockholm Hall of Fame at Stockholm Arlanda. With her great talent and strong personality, she is a good ambassador for our capital,” says Jan Lindqvist, director of communications at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The portrait of Loreen will be hung in Terminal 5 in early July.

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