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Postat av: Sevda

Hey Loreen,

i was writing to you in Facebook all the time got no answer check it when you have time :) and i would like to meet you today if youre still in baku i live right to ythe hotel where doyou live:)


2012-05-27 @ 17:11:20

2012-05-27 @ 17:16:14
Postat av: fayha abuziad

Hello Loreen.congratulations for your victory ,i'm really happy for you and for sweden,you did a great performance...and i like it very much ,i had so much fun last night watching the contest from Dubai nd it's a pleasure to me to send you this message nd i hope you read it...Salam to you nd to your team,wish you all the best , greetings from Dubai UAE...!XOXOXO

2012-05-27 @ 19:04:05
Postat av: maria

hei! når er neste gang man kan chatte med loreen? visste ikke det var i dag:S vet du om hun snart skal ha konsert i norge?:)

2012-05-27 @ 20:08:46

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