My story from last night - Musicvideo for MHIRM

Me and Loreen yesterday. Yeah, it was very windy so I had my eyes closed on the photo, so... just Ignore me and look at Loreen instead, haha! ♥

Don't really know where to start. But I think i'm not going to tell you everything, you will have to wait for the musicvideo. Okay, here we goooo!

I was sitting at home and did nothing. I opened Facebook and I see the status that Loreen had written, that you could come on to the set of the music video. I texted Ajda directly and we decided that we would go there. Half an hour later, I sat on the bus on my way. The other second, me and Ajda was there, it went so fast because of all the happiness!

There was a pool with no water in it. In the pool was a lots of people dancing, it looked really cool. We jumped into the pool and started dancing like crazy, haha. It was like a kind of "Rave" party. We danced and danced to the music, but no sight of Loreen. After a while, we see her go into the pool and begins to dance with everyone. It was so freaking cold, so me and Ajda started to do some strange/random beat clapping thing on our legs and everyone in t started to do the same. Loreen was standing very close to us, so she turnd around and saw that we were the once that begin with the clapping, so she dance forwords to us and says, "Here are my girls! Are you here? How fun!", We get a big hug and then she danced with us for a little while. Was like dream! :D

There was a break. We went up to Loreen and took photos with her and then it started again.

When everything was over, the most people went home, but we stayed;) It was just the whole team and some dancers plus we left! So we walked (of course) to Loreen and started talking! I'm not going to tell you everything we talked about, but the first thing she said was “oh so you’re leaving? Ditching me, really?”, and we answerd "nooo, we want to stay longer!". Then we talked a little bit about our Loreenator group on Facebook, the gift we gave to her on the signing, "Julgalan" and some more stuff. Then Loreen asked us if we were Loreenators, Ajda said "Nooo... We just have a blog about you and write about you several hours a day. No, no, we are not Loreenators, haha! (Irony if someone didn't understood that, haha!)".

The day was indescribable, you can not describe my happiness! Loreen remember me. She knew who I was and that really means very much to me. It was really cool to see how it works behind the camera. I'm studying  media, so this was kind of my thing, heh! :) To those who haven't met Loreen, never give up! You will meet her one day, you just have to believe it yourself. Hugs to you guys!

Loreen, me (with the blue jacket), Ajda and Julia (a Loreenator we met there. YEY!) on the picture from Loreen's Instagram. ♥

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