Loreen at her "HEAL" signing in Stockholm (Pictures by me)

Loreenators! These are MY pictures, please respect that and don't copy or take them before asking me!

This is just some of the pictures i took, I have more than 300 ;) I will also upload a video tomorrow! 

WOW, i have to tell you the WHOLE story! The happiest day of my life, in details.

I was there around 1pm. Amanda, Ajda, Tilda, Rania, Jenny and the others were already there. At that time there were almost no one there. Then when Loreen came, we stood at the front row, it was amazing! I was in my own little world at that time, I was trying to just keep focus on Loreen and nothing else. The seconds before I got up on the "stage", I was so nervous, but I could focus, and i think that helped me, because if i didn't I think I wouldn't be able to say those things I wanted to say to her. But when i got up on the stage, she gives me the biggest smile ever and says this to me

Loreen: It's you!
Me: Do you recognize me?
Loreen: Of course I do! You wear black. You have the same jacket as me (grabs my jacket, haha!). You are so cute! I love you!

Then we talked some more, got a few hugs and of course, an autograph on the wonderful album :D Then the rest of the 2-3 hours we were standing like 1m behind her! Just before she had to go, she got our little basket (Birch basket) stuffed with things she likes. She picked up the chocolate lying in the basket and ate it.

♥ Thank you Loreen! ♥


Postat av: emma

fina bilder :) har du fått hennes album från de du beställde? och va de signerat? kram :)

Svar: Tack så mycket! Ja, jag beställde det från CDON och sedan köpte jag även albumet igår på signeringen. Om du köper den via CDON så tror jag att man får en signerad, tror det var så länge lagret räckte :) Kram!
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2012-10-25 @ 13:10:17
Postat av: Ansku

Damn! I'm happy for u! I love those pics!

Svar: I'm very glad you liked the pictures! :)
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2012-10-25 @ 13:38:03
Postat av: emma

okej :) jooo jag har redan beställt albumet från cdon och det skulle vara signerat :) har nämligen inte vatt hemma så har inte sett om de är signerat eller inte därför jag va lite nyfiken om din va de eftersom du med beställde därifrån :)

2012-10-25 @ 15:34:59
Postat av: Maja

Jävla vad underbart för er! :) Jag måste flytta till Stockholm, så är det bara.

Svar: Haha, Maja! Du måste flytta hit, alla vi Loreenators måste ju träffas! :)
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2012-10-25 @ 18:54:14
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