Loreen to "Melodi Grand Prix" in Norway tonight (text from oikotimes.com)

The dress rehearsal has just ended in Oslo Spektrum. A strange rehersal as there were only a few people in the audience, therefore there were never any particular feeling of party. In less than an hour the real party will begin!

As media are not allowed to publish any pictures on before we can at least reveal that the grand star tonight will be Loreen, she will be performing a spectacular interval act tonight, that could just as well look like something we can see in the Eurovision in a few months time. She performed her new song …(confirming title)  starting with sitting on a gigantic throne inspired by the fantasy serie “Game of Thrones”. Together with a huge amount of dancers on stage this create a very impressive number.


Postat av: Lova

Hittade en livestream som funkar!

2013-02-09 @ 20:13:58

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