Loreen planning a new album - want to release it in the fall

Interview found on Expressen. Translation made by Ajda, Loreenxtalhaoui

Loreen is heading into the studio again.

Expressen.se can tell that the singer is planning to release a new album in early autumn.
- I want to start working on it now, she says.


Victory in Melodifestivalen and later also at the Eurovision Song Contest. Then ‘Crying out your name “and the album” Heal “. Loreens successful 2012 has moved on quickly - but now she is getting ready to record new material.

The singer tells Expressen.se that she will soon be in the studio and that the goal is to release a new album in early autumn 2013.

- I like to plan ahead, so even if the next album is released this fall, I want to start working with it right now, says Loreen.

“Takes time to finish”

She goes on to mention how she thinks the music on the album should sound.

- Right now I’m very into experimenting with the production even more than I did before, because now I have time to do it. Mixing it even harder than previously. I don’t want to program so many ready-made sounds, but more genuinely create sounds. And these things take time to do.

What are your thoughts about the album lyrically, what would you tell with the new material?
- I don’t know, it’s been a focus on relationships before, which I think is exciting, because that’s really all we have.  You can own whatever you want, materially speaking, but the thing you take with you to death, is the relationships and how you have dealt with them.

- So, that’s often what comes up when I write lyrics. Relationships are what inspires me, destructive, positive or neutral, whatever it is. I think everything else is slightly uninteresting, but at some point you maybe have to write some club hit for when you are “out and partying.” But even such a story could be told more interesting.

“A little too focused”

While starting to work on the new album Loreen will also go around the world to perform on stage. The current schedule includes a trip to Japan.

But it doesn’t clash with her creative process - rather the opposite.

- I think that creators work in different ways. I very much work in periods of time. What inspires me is the things that happen around me, people I meet and that’s when I want to be able to create at once, Loreen says and continues:

- I like to create gradually, otherwise, it can become a little too focused. Being in the studio four days in a row and then take a break and do something else in order to reflect over what I’ve created and decide on things.

“Doesn’t matter”

Loreen describes the forthcoming time as “a new phase” in her artistry.

- There’s a new chapter in a new form. It’s just fun to come back, but you don’t want to come back in the same form, because I am a creator and create all the time and can discover new ways to do it.

- But at the same time, it is what it is, we’ll see what happens. But it will be fun to create and see the reactions.

Loreens album “Heal” was released at the end of October last year.


Postat av: Marina

Hej jag skulle bara vilja tipsa om att Loreen är på framsidan ut av tidningen Emma som finns i butik nu man kan bland annat köpa den på Ica och såklart andra affärer bild på tidningen finns på press stops hemsida

Svar: Tack så mycket för tipset! Kram
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2013-01-19 @ 23:32:50

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