Loreen - "We Got The Power"

"We Got The Power", är namnet på Loreens nya singel som släpps den 12:e maj. Vi kommer får höra den live för första gången på Eurovision Song Contest finalen, den 18:e maj. 

Info från Amazon UK och Popjustice.com:
Release Date: 15 May 2013
Label: WM Sweden
Duration: 3:27 minutes
Copyright: 2013 Warner Music Sweden AB

“We Got the Power” is a song recorded by Swedish singer, songwriter and Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen. The track produced by her usual Moh Denebi and Björn Djupström is confirmed as the next promotional single but isn’t included on her debut studio album “Heal” that was released on digital retailers on October 22, 2012 via Warner Music. The track serves as a promotional single and will be released on iTunes next Wednesday May 15. She will perform the track in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 alongside her global hit single “Euphoria“, the last year’s contest winner song. Therefore, it seems that Loreen is ready to move on after the limited success achieved with the following singles after “Euphoria” and start thinking about her second studio album that could be released later this year.

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