Birthday gift to Loreen - Donate money to "Svenska Afghanistankommittén"

As you all may already know, Loreen's birthday is in a few weeks (October 16). Ajda came up with the smart idea to start a fundraising for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. Donate money in her name instead of buying her a gift. 

Here's what Ajda wrote:
"I have started a fundraising for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. I thought it would be a great birthday gift to Loreen (she's turning the big 30 after all) if we could manage to raise some money for this organization to Support Their incredible work. Loreen herself ice Mainly Involved in SAK's school program but the organization have Several other programs as well.

The goal is to raise 3000 SEK for her birthday. I know the date is just around the corner but we can do it! We've got the power right?! 3000SEK will for example be enough to providesprofessional carpets, blackboard, water tanks and teacher training kits for one class in SAK's schools."

And for an update, we have now collected 5580SEK! How amazing isn't that?! So guys, keep on donating money. We can do this! ♥



Postat av: Julia @juliiasoder

Nu har jag skickat in 200 kronor till donationen! Känns så himla rätt!!

Svar: Åh, vad bra! Ska också sätta in pengar imorgon :D
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2013-10-04 @ 21:41:35

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