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just realized that I forgot to post this picture. So... here you have it! ♥

three new gigs

Team L just added three new gigs on her facebook. You can find them in my box "Gigs" in the menu on my blog to. ♥

25/5 - Days of Cluj Napoca, Cluj Napoca, Romania
23/6 - Pühajärve Jaanituli 2013, Puhajarve, Estonia
6/7 - NRJ Music Tour 2013, Beirut, Lebanon

Loreen to "Festival Mawazine" in Marocco

Loreen is set to perform at Festival Mawazine in Rabat, Marocco, 31th of May. Find more info here! ♥

Loreen at "Skavlan" (Pictures)

Pictures found here!
 Loreen on "Skavlan" that was recorded today. It will be broadcast this friday (tomorrow) on SVT1 at 9pm. And guys, I was there! It was so beautiful, you are going LOVE the performance!!!! ♥

Loreen to "Skavlan Talkshow"

Picture found here
Loreen is set to perform on the Talkshow "Skavlan". It will be broadcasted on SVT1 this Friday at 9pm. A live stream will not be available because the program will be pre-recorded. Loreen and Kleerup will be performing “Requieum Solution”. ♥

Loreen to "Melodifestivalen 2013 Finale" tonight

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Click on the picture or here to see the "Melodifestivalen 2013 Finale", the live stream starts at 8pm. Loreen will perform around 9pm. ♥

Loreen to "Unser Song für Malmö 2013" in Germany tonight (Live stream)

collage made by me! 
Live from Hanover, the German national final to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The live stream starts at 8.15 pm tonight. 

Loreen at "QX Gaygalan" tonight

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Loreen at QX gaygala (recorded at Cirkus in Stockholm this wednesday) tonight. On TV4 (Swedish tv) 9.30pm. I think we will see Loreen perform "Euphoria", "My Heart Is Refusing Me" and receive the price she won for "Song of the year" with her song "Euphoria".



Loreen to "Melodi Grand Prix" in Norway tonight (text from oikotimes.com)

The dress rehearsal has just ended in Oslo Spektrum. A strange rehersal as there were only a few people in the audience, therefore there were never any particular feeling of party. In less than an hour the real party will begin!

As media are not allowed to publish any pictures on before we can at least reveal that the grand star tonight will be Loreen, she will be performing a spectacular interval act tonight, that could just as well look like something we can see in the Eurovision in a few months time. She performed her new song …(confirming title)  starting with sitting on a gigantic throne inspired by the fantasy serie “Game of Thrones”. Together with a huge amount of dancers on stage this create a very impressive number.


Loreen to "Melodi Grand Prix" in Norway tonight (Live stream)

Tonight will Loreen perform on Melodi Grand Prix in Norway. The live stream starts at 19:55 HERE

Loreen to Melodi Grand Prix in Norway

Edit by me and text written by Ajda

Loreen is set to perform in the finale of Melodi Grand Prix (the contest where the Norwegians choose their ESC contestant) on Saturday! She’s going to perform “My Heart is Refusing Me” and according to MGP’s director Loreen’s performance will include 11 dancers and be a bit “ethnic/game of thrones” inspired.

Click here for the live stream, but I’ll update you again as Saturday gets closer!

Loreen Live tonight "La Riviera" (LIVE STREAM)

The concert will be streamed at 9pm. For live stream, click on the picture above or HERE! ♥

Loreen to "Jingle Ball 2012" tonight (LIVE STREAM + info)

Collage by Ajda 
(thank you Ajda for the live stream link!) ♥

Loreen's performance on “Helene Fischer Show” (Video)!

This performance will be shown on TV on Christmas Day in Germany. This youtube clip is filmed by someone in the audience, but i think he/she wasn't supposed to do that, haha! But the show will be broadcast on TV at 20:15 (8:15pm), on the German channel ‘Das Erste’. The show is called ‘Die Helene Fischer Show’.

Watch Loreen perform on "Musikhjälpen" today (LIVE STREAM)

Watch Loreen perform on "Musikhjälpen" at 5pm (swedish time) today. 


Loreen to "X Factor finale" (LIVE STREAM)


Loreen on the German tv show "Menschen 2012" tonight (LIVE STREAM)

The program starts at 20:15 (8:15 pm). Live stream above ♥

Loreen to "The Qube" on the 3rd Dec


Loreen's performance on the Norwegian show “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald”!

♥ Click on HERE or on the picture to watch Loreen's performance! She's performing "Crying Out Your Name" ♥

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