Loreen’s latest FB Update,
"Okey warriors. I’m back in town. 

2012 will be hard to top… but who says we can’t? ❤"


Latest facebook update,  "Give Loreen your vote for the Swedish Grammy Awards price "Best song of the year". Go to and follow the instructions on the image here below.
/Team Loreen"


Team Loreen´s lates post, "We’ve picked a few of your submitted Loreen memories from 2012 as promised. They’ve been many, long and absolutely lovely to read. Thanks for sharing your stories with all of us! /Team L"


From Loreen's Facebook, "Wow Berlin! And we haven't even started yet... Happy new year everyone!!"

"I'm tired, but okey"

I'm so glad to hear you're okey! Just want to give you a BIG hug right now! Take care ♥


I guess they rehearse to the "New years show" in Berlin, I'M SO EXCITED! 
From Ausben Jordan’s Facebook!



Loreen's latest facebook status


Behind the scenes @ My Heart Is Refusing Me, Music video


Picture from Robert Nordberg's Instagram
I'm so freaking excited! ♥

Music video for "My Heart Is Refusing Me"!



Song of the day #1, #2, #3 & #4

From Loreen's facebook. Loreen update a "song of the day" almost every day. Below you have the first four, the one at the bottom is from today. ♥

8/11 2012
Song of the day #1

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

9/11 2012
Song of the day #2
Kanye West - Flashing light

10/11 2012
Song of the day #3 
Björk - Play dead
14/11 2012
Today we'll go with this video #4 
Nosaj Thing. This guy is amazing. 

Loreen t-shirt in H&M

Congrats Barack Obama

♥ Loreen facebook update ♥

Loreen facebook update

This just make me so happy, to hear from her self and not "Team L". That means alot for us Loreenators!

Loreen ready for X Factor!

From Loreen's Facebook, "X Factor Sweden, u ready??

Loreen and Kleerup

Loreen facebook status, "Studio session with Kleerup". ♥

Back in the studio!

Loreen facebook status, "I'm back in the studio but want to thank u again Barcelona!! Yesterday was great ♥"

Karlskoga it's time!!

Loreen facebook status, "Karlskoga it's time!!"

Loreen - Hipstamatic - Instagram

Vill ni också ha lika coola ramar och effekter på era fotografier som Loreen har? Då ska alla som har en Iphone eller en Android, ladda ner Hipstamatic, där kan ni hitta dom effekterna och använda på era foton :) 

Would you like to have the same frames and effects to your photos that Loreen have? Then everyone with an iPhone or an Android, download Hipstamatic, where you can find it and use the same effects and frames on your photos :)

Nu när vi ändå pratar om appen så hade jag tänkt att alla som har Instagram, ta ett foto som har något med Loreen att göra, påminner er om henne eller kanske en bild på fina Loreen. Tagga sedan bilden/bilderna med #loreenhipstamatic, sedan kommer jag att lägga ut några av bilderna på bloggen lite då och då :) 

Now when we already talk about the app, I thought that everyone that have Instagram could take a photo that has something to do with Loreen, reminds you of her or perhaps a picture of Loreen. Then tag the photo with #loreenhipstamatic, then I will publish some of the pictures here on the blog later :)


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