Happy new year my beautiful readers and Loreen! This year has been craaazy! I started the blog, Melodifestivalen, Eurovision, Euphoria music video, all of her gigs, Heal, her signing etc. And I hope 2013 is going to be a great year to. I also want to thank you guys, all this suport and all the nice comments i get on my blog. Everyone who has clicked in to my blog. I want to give you all a BIG hug! LOREENTATORS, LET'S ROCK THIS NEW YEAR!

Hugs from Emma! ♥

New Year Carnival Night in China (Pictures)


MNM Radio - Party met Laureen tonight

Tonight at 9pm, there will be a "Loreen-party" as MNM Radio calls it. I guess they will play Loreen's music and maybe music Loreen herself has chosen.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! (That link didn't work for me... Click HERE instead)

NRJ - Loreen

Hi guys! I haven't updated the blog in a few days, and it's because it was my birthday, my cousins have been here, I have spent some time with my friends and that's why I haven't had the time to blog, unfortunately... But now I'm back! ♥


From Loreen's Facebook, "A shot from the my heart is ref. - video. For all you high tech nerds like myself ;), Is this picture taken on film or digitally?"


♡ Merry christmas my beautiful readers! I hope you will have a great day with much love! Hugs from Emma ♡

Loreen at "Carlo & Irene Life4You" (Interview+performance)

Click HERE or on the picture to watch Loreen on "Carlo & Irene Life4You"

Loreen at "583 Jingle Ball 2012" yesterday (Videos)

Loreen at "583 Jingle Ball 2012" yesterday (Pictures)

Pictures found here and here!




@Loreenofficial, "Good times in Amsterdam @538 #jingleball"



@pamelan, "Loreen en Fajah zijn ook in da house. Hipsterpose van Loreen, maar wat zien ze er leuk uit! #538jingleball #windows8nl"

Backstage picture from "Jingle Ball 2012"

Picture found here!

@BarryPaf, "Backstage met de superlieve Loreen!!! #538TV #538radio" ♥

Loreen to "Jingle Ball 2012" tonight (LIVE STREAM + info)

Collage by Ajda 
(thank you Ajda for the live stream link!) ♥

Loreen says hello to Romania

A video from when Loreen visit Romania, earlier this year!

Get the look - The jacket Loreen was wearing at "EMA 2012"

This is the beautiful jacket Loreen was wearing at "EMA 2012". You can buy the jacket HERE! 

New box in the menu - Vote!

in this box you will be able to see all the awards Loreen is nominated in. If I have missed any award, then you can you email me at loreentalhaoui@live.se, or in a comment here on the blog! ♥

"I'm tired, but okey"

I'm so glad to hear you're okey! Just want to give you a BIG hug right now! Take care ♥

Winter (Part 1/2)

Made by me! 

Loreen collapsed out of tiredness [English translation]

for those who don't know, Loreen was suppose to give a speech on human rights in parliament yesterday. Just a few hours before it would start, for some reason, so she cancelled it. And today they wrote this in the News paper "Aftonbladet":


(Translation by Ajda)

Loreen collapsed out of tiredness [English translation]
Yesterday Loreen Talhaoui, 29, would have held a speech on human rights in the Swedish Parliament, in relation to a conference.

But the speech was canceled at short notice.
- Her agent told us just a few hours before she was supposed to hold the speech. Loreen could not announce it herself Because she was sleeping, says Wästberg, coordinator of the Conference Raoul Wallenberg 2012th

"Completely exhausted '
Loreen canceled the event after a physical collapse. Early on Wednesday morning the Eurovision winner flew to Sweden from Germany where she had made some promotion. According To Aftonbladet she's worn herself out.
- When she came to Sweden she just collapsed out of tiredness. She was completely exhausted, says Wästberg.
Loreen showed her commitment to human rights issues when she visited two Organizations During the Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku, the capital of the Dictator Ruled country Azerbaijan.

 "She's sorry"
The artist is sorry to have had to cancel her speech.
- She is very sorry, but When You talkabout Such important things she wants to be on top. She had been looking forward to this but she's very tired. She really thinks it's sad That she had to cancel it, says Loreens press contact Lili Assefa.

She states overpriced That Loreen isn'ta burned out.
- But she's very tired, just like many others are at the end of the year, Following a hugely intensive period of work with a lot of traveling. Since the launch of the album, she has been constantly traveling. The chances she has in Europe right now is fantastic, there are few who Received this after Eurovision, she says.

Been busy
A person close to Loreen Says That the workload has been debilitating.
- For various reasons, she doing now? Had any longer time off, That might havebeen needed. It has gone from almost zero to a hundred and ten in just one year, the source said.

Loreen's performance on “Helene Fischer Show” (Video)!

This performance will be shown on TV on Christmas Day in Germany. This youtube clip is filmed by someone in the audience, but i think he/she wasn't supposed to do that, haha! But the show will be broadcast on TV at 20:15 (8:15pm), on the German channel ‘Das Erste’. The show is called ‘Die Helene Fischer Show’.

You're in my head

Made by me!

Pictures by Anna Kokotos from yesterday!

"Just nu befinner jag mig i Berlin med Loreen, hon är med i en tv show som ska sändas den 25e här i Tyskland."

Grammis 2013 - Sweden's most important music prize

Grammis 2013 is Sweden's most important music prize. It will take place on Wednesday 20 February at Cirkus in Stockholm and will be live broadcast on SVT. 
Voting runs until 17 January.

Loreen is nominated on Grammis 2013 for:

❥ Aritst of the year
❥ Song of the year 
❥ International success of the year 

You can only vote on Loreen for "Song of the year", but you can vote more than 1 time, just refresh the page!


Loreen's performance on “The Voice Of Holland” (Video)!

Have been looking like crazy for this video, and today I found it at last. I could not find the video on youtube, unfortunately... ♥

Melodifestivalen 2012 - Vägen till Baku, ikväll på SVT1


@kingaus, "Rehearsal done see ya next year hahaha"


I guess they rehearse to the "New years show" in Berlin, I'M SO EXCITED! 
From Ausben Jordan’s Facebook!

Loreen får en smäll

Gif made by me.
Watch the whole interview HERE!

Which box design should I use in the new design? 1, 2 or 3?





Loreen at "The Voice of Holland" (Interview + picture)

Loreen to The Voice Holland tonight (Live stream)

The show started at 8:30 PM, but Loreen haven't performed yet.

World Music Awards 2012 - Vote for Loreen!

Picture/collage made by Loreen/Лорин ♬ Богиня Швеции | Russian Fan Club 

Loreen is now nominated to "world's best song" and "world's best female artist" in "World Music Awards 2012". Click on the links below to vote! 

WORLD'S BEST FEMALE ARTIST » http://www.worldmusicawards.com/#!worlds-best-son..

Loreen at "Julgalan" in Helsingborg (Pictures)

Pictures by Fredric Berggren

Loreen at "Musikhjälpen" (Full show, performances + interviews)

Surprise - Working on a new design

I'm currently working on a new design for the blog. The design will be similar, I will change the boxes, header and some small details. The color theme will still be red and black. ♥

I must also ask you, do you think that the blog should be in Swedish, English or a little mixed as I have right now (if it is so that I start to just write in Swedish, there is a translate thing in the menu, where you can translate the entire blog)? Vote below.



@loreenofficial #musikhjalpen

Loreen at "Musikhjälpen" (pictures)

The painting, my gooood så snygg! Om ni kollar på Loreen's arm så ser ni även armbandet vi köpte till henne ;) 


Watch Loreen perform on "Musikhjälpen" today (LIVE STREAM)

Watch Loreen perform on "Musikhjälpen" at 5pm (swedish time) today. 




@kingaus, "Dinner time."

New box in the menu

I have now added a "Instagram" box in the menu. There, the last pictures I have uploaded to my instagram (@Loreenpictures) will appear ♥

Three more pictures from "Julgalan" in Friends Arena last night!

If you want to borrow my pictures please ask me first and then, link back to my blog, Loreen.blogg.se 

We even got the chance to meet our beauty Loreen backstage. Do you want to hear the whole "story"? ♥


@Ambra_Succi, “Loreen & Awa at X-Factor finals rehearsning with me"

One of my pictures from "Julgalan" in Friends Arena last night!

Fler bilder kommer sen ;)


Picture by @Loreenpictures (Me) from "Julgalan" Yesterday!

I'm going to "Julgalan" tonight!

Ikväll ska jag, Ajda och Julia till Julgalan. Kommer därför inte kunna blogga ikväll. Men kolla in min Loreen fan instagram @loreenpictures, för bilder under kvällen. Kram! 

Loreen's duet performance with the constant Awa on “X Factor” (Pictures)

Pictures found on Aftonbladet.se

Loreen's duet performance with the constant Awa on “X Factor” (Video)

This performance was GREAT! And Loreen's outfit, my gooood! ♥

Loreen to "X Factor finale" (LIVE STREAM)


Loreen interview for Radio "P4 Norway"

Hlick HERE and then press where it says: 
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 1
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 2
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 3

More pictures from Loreen's performance on “The Qube”

Click on the pictures to zoom in

Pictures found here! 

Loreen's performance on “The Qube” (Video)!

Fast forward to about 2:00 minutes to get to the performance. She's performing "In My Head", "Everytime", "Crying Out Your Name", "My Herat Is Refusing Me" & "Euphoria". And I just love when she says "its gettin hot in here, so take of all your clothes! Nah... i'm just kidding" at 12:50, HAHAH! But Loreen was so freaking good tonight, LOVELY! ♥

Loreen at "The Qube" (Pictures)

Click on the pictures to zoom in

Pictures found here! 

Loreen interview for "The Qube" (Interview & picture)


Loreen on "the Qube" now (LIVE STREAM)



@malcolmmusic, "#Loreen #Euphoria #Heal"

Loreen's performance on “Menschen 2012” in Germany!

Loreen on the German tv show "Menschen 2012" tonight (LIVE STREAM)

The program starts at 20:15 (8:15 pm). Live stream above ♥


Loreen and Aus tonight!


♥ Instagram pictures from Loreen's performance on "Julgalan" in Stockholm ♥




@kingaus: "Time to meet."

Pictures from Loreen's performance at "Julgalan" in 2011

By: Karin Törnblom. Pictures found here!

Länkbyte - Agnes Carlsson Fanblogg

Klicka här eller på bilden för att komma till bloggen
Gå in och läs fanbloggen om den fina, och sjukt duktiga sångerskan Agnes Carlsson "Agnes". Är själv helt förälskad i hennes album "Veritas". Kika in bloggen! Tro mig, ni kommer inte att ångra er! ♥

Loreen at "Julgalan" in Örebro

Pictures found here

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