Loreen at "Mardi Gras VIP Party" in Sydney (pictures)

Lyrics to "Heal"

From Loreen's Facebook

It takes patience to heal. 
How action is much more important in that process than reaction. 

Here's the lyrics for "Heal". 
❤ L 

I’m gonna stay ‘cause you’re really tired 
more than you have shown 
Deep in your eyes 
there’s no desire 
burning anymore

‘Cause the will to fight 
can just slowly die
in the heart of night 
How could you survive 
when the dimmest light 
never touched your eyes

This time we will
turn around and say the words
that make us heal
And then we will
we will know and never more
go back to this
You gotta give something, something, something for love
You gotta give something, something
You gotta give something, something, something for love
You gotta give something, something

I won’t deny
your lack of compassion 
pain is all you know 
Even a life 
torn up in fire 
shouldn’t burn alone

‘Cause the will to fight 
can just slowly die
in the heart of night 
How could you survive 
when the dimmest light 
barely touched your eyes 

Flying high above
an imagined ocean 
Nothing holding you 
so fly away
When I’m holding you 
only feel devotion 
Just let go and let us heal

Loreen visited the store "Fake Tokyo"

Pictures from Loreen's facebook, "FakeTokyo, the best streetshop in Japan. Check this one out. What do you think?".

My latest edit

 Edit made by me

Background by V AVE SHOE REPAIR
Picture by Reinhard Schnitzer


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Loreen at "Billboard live" (Pictures)

Pictures found on Loreen's official Facebook page


Loreen’s latests Instagram Updates.

"Arigatoo Tokyo Billboard Live for the two best shows ever. And all respect and love to my audience and my fans!"

"Singning... At the Warner Music Japan office #japan"

Behind the scenes of the video for Heal.

Kleerup feat. Loreen - Requiem Solution


Be ready for a update bomb!

gif by Amanda

Be ready for a update bomb! I am now going to update all the news that i missed blog about when I wasn't home. :D


This is the first picture on Loreen in Japan. I hope there will be more :)

@mariahelenlundqvist, “Loreen at Billboard Live #loreen #livemusic”.


Loreen - Heal (official video)

I can't even describe in words how amazing this video was. Everyone, lets just die for a moment. WOW! ♥

sooooorry that i didn't update you with any information today about "Grammis" and "Efterlyst"! Haven't been home since early this morning, and I came home now.


Loreen’s latests Instagram Updates.
"#heal music video premiers on #efterlyst tonight 9pm #tv3"

"Kleerup versus Loreen. Coming out any minute today, new single and video "Requiem Solution" I love working with crazy creators like myself! Respect, L."


Loreen’s latest Instagram Update, 
"#heal #agera".


Loreen's latest Instagram updates

Soundcheck #grammis13 @kleerup #requiemsolution

Loreen at "Vakna Med NRJ"

Pictures from "Vakna Med NRJ"

Click on the pictures to find the picture source


Loreen to "Vakna Med NRJ" tomorrow

collage made by me
Loreen will appear on "Vakna med NRJ" tomorrow at 8:35 am, TV5 (Swedish TV). There will be an interview and maybe, if we're lucky, she might even sing. And just like a warning now, we will not be able to see the whole interview later, just some short clips on youtube. If not someone record it. ♥
I think you can listen to it live on the radio also, here and there will maybe be an live stream at TV 5 Play, here. Everything is very unclear right now.


Team L's latest Facebook update!

Loreen TV-host for channel 400 a few years ago

Awkward. But so freaking cute. haha! ♥

New edit - Fashion

Edit made by me! 

"Dare to be different" - Loreen Talhaoui

Made an edit last night, thought I could share it with you. You can find the original photo here!

Hope you like it! ♥


Loreen at "Unser Song für Malmö 2013"

Sorry for no update yesterday. But here are Loreen's performances from "Unser Song für Malmö 2013" ♥


Loreen’s latest Instagram/FB update, ”Unser song für Malmö".

Loreen to "Unser Song für Malmö 2013" in Germany tonight (Live stream)

collage made by me! 
Live from Hanover, the German national final to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The live stream starts at 8.15 pm tonight. 

Requiem Solution - in the studio with Loreen

This is a acoustic version of Loreen's collaboration with Kleerup. I think this song will be in Kleerup's next album. 

♥ I'm. dead. right. now. ♥



Picture from Warner Music Sweden's Instagram

Loreen’s performance at "QX Gaygalan 2013"

Loreen at "Melodi Grand Prix" (Performance, interview & pictures)

pictures found on russian fan club, tumblr, facebook, instagram and vg.no

Loreen at "QX Gaygalan" tonight

edit by me!
Loreen at QX gaygala (recorded at Cirkus in Stockholm this wednesday) tonight. On TV4 (Swedish tv) 9.30pm. I think we will see Loreen perform "Euphoria", "My Heart Is Refusing Me" and receive the price she won for "Song of the year" with her song "Euphoria".



Loreen to "Melodi Grand Prix" in Norway tonight (text from oikotimes.com)

The dress rehearsal has just ended in Oslo Spektrum. A strange rehersal as there were only a few people in the audience, therefore there were never any particular feeling of party. In less than an hour the real party will begin!

As media are not allowed to publish any pictures on before we can at least reveal that the grand star tonight will be Loreen, she will be performing a spectacular interval act tonight, that could just as well look like something we can see in the Eurovision in a few months time. She performed her new song …(confirming title)  starting with sitting on a gigantic throne inspired by the fantasy serie “Game of Thrones”. Together with a huge amount of dancers on stage this create a very impressive number.


Loreen to "Melodi Grand Prix" in Norway tonight (Live stream)

Tonight will Loreen perform on Melodi Grand Prix in Norway. The live stream starts at 19:55 HERE


Loreen’s latest Instagram update, ”From the rehearsals #billboard #live".


Loreen’s lates FB/Instagram update,
“Rehearsals for Japan! - Me and my genius crew just want to say hi. We love you, we miss you and we’re coming soon……..❤ #billboard #live”.

Loreen to Melodi Grand Prix in Norway

Edit by me and text written by Ajda

Loreen is set to perform in the finale of Melodi Grand Prix (the contest where the Norwegians choose their ESC contestant) on Saturday! She’s going to perform “My Heart is Refusing Me” and according to MGP’s director Loreen’s performance will include 11 dancers and be a bit “ethnic/game of thrones” inspired.

Click here for the live stream, but I’ll update you again as Saturday gets closer!

Loreen backstage at QX Galan

Picture from Anna Kokotos blog


@blkdnm, "Swedish singer Loreen @loreenofficial @loreen_talhaoui visiting the BLK DNM store in Stockholm.. Xx.. Johan #loreen #blkdnm #leatherjacket" 

Loreen at "Gaygalan"

Pictures from Expressen
And the evening ends with "Euphoria" with all the winners in front of the stage.

Loreen won “Song of the year” - QX Galan

Pictures from Expressen, Aftonbladet and Qx.se
Loreen won “Song of the year” with "Euphoria" at Gaygalan tonight. She also won "Song of the Year" last year with her song "My Heart Is Refusing Me". 
Congratulations!! ♥


@robertjnordberg, “Getting ready” ♥

Loreen interview at “Hit Fm” in Spain

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!Loreen interview at “Hit Fm”. This interview was recorded a few days ago in Spain. 



When she talks about her “Warriors” and when she sings… i’m dead right now! ♥image

Loreen - Euphoria in Växjö 04.02.2012

Made by me!

Loreen - Euphoria in Växjö 04.02.2012

Today is it exactly one year ago Loreen stood on the stage in Växjö. The day that actually changed my life. The day I always will remember.
I want to hear your memories from this day. What did you do? Your first reaction when you saw her performance for the first time. Share your story, tell me! ♥

Loreen interview for TV4 at "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week"

Message from Loreen on Facebook

"We know you guys hate to not knowing... but here's L on shoot yesterday, about some upcoming 'secret shows'. Any guesses? ;) /Team L"


Loreen interview at "Deezer Fiesta"

Edit - It is so unsexy after a while

 edit made by me
"I am not so intrested in media if i can't give. If i can't say something important. If i can't make a difference. Why would i sit here and just be ego? It is so unsexy after a wile."
- Loreen Talhaoui

Loreen radio interview "Kiss Fm" in Spain


Loreen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

 pictures found here
Loreen and her stylist Robert Nordberg at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ♥

Loreen’s performances at "Deezer Fiesta"

Get the look - Fannie Schiavoni

the pictures in the collage is found here, here, here & here
I absolutely loved the body jewellery she wore, so I just had to find the brand. Loreen rocked FANNIE SCHIAVONI to Whyred AW13 fashion show during Stockholm Fashion Week and during P3 Guld! The first one is from her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. Second one from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection and the third from her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Find her website here! ♥

Loreen on Kiss Fm tonight!

This interview was recorded yesterday but they air it now at 6pm. Click HERE or on the picture to listen! ♥ 

Loreen at "Deezer Fiesta" red carpet

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