Pictures from Loreen's performance on the Norwegian show “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald”!

Screenshot pictures by me

Loreen to "The Qube" on the 3rd Dec


Loreen's performance on the Norwegian show “Senkveld med Thomas og Harald”!

♥ Click on HERE or on the picture to watch Loreen's performance! She's performing "Crying Out Your Name" ♥


Har hört att Loreen är sjuk, därför är det väldigt dött just nu :/ men krya på dig Loreen! Därför har även jag passat på att ta igen lite i skolan och därav inte hunnit med något bloggande. Men jag kommer tillbaka med bättre uppdatering snart, så ha tålamod! Ska ju även på julgalan nästa vecka, då blir det nog mycket uppdatering ;) Här får ni även en underbar bild på Loreen från Julgalan (vet dock inte vem som har tagit bilden) Puss och kram från Emma!

Loreen's latest facebook status


Participate in a fanvideo for Loreen!

The sweetest "Greek Loreenator" plans to make a fanvideo for Loreen. Just send in your fan art to: You can also contact her via her YouTube channel @kassisv. The deadline is the 30th November. I'm participating in this project,  sent in my pictures yesterday. I think you should do the same! The deadline is the 30th November. Hugs from Emma!

"Sky is the limit, du kan vara vad du vill bara du kämpar för det"

Collage made by me! 

Loreen on "NRJ Stars for free". Collage by me!

Made by me!

Loreen at "NRJ Stars for free" last night (pictures)

Pictures found here and here!

Loreen's performances on "NRJ Stars for free" tonight (Euphoria, MHIRM + a short interview)

Loreen @ NRJ Stars for free in Switzerland (Interview)

Loreen on "NRJ Stars for free" live in Switzerland tonight (LIVE STREAM!)

The live stream starts at 8:15 pm!

My pictures from the MHIRM Video-shoot last night

My pictures from last night. If you want to use the pictures, ask me first! 

My story from last night - Musicvideo for MHIRM

Me and Loreen yesterday. Yeah, it was very windy so I had my eyes closed on the photo, so... just Ignore me and look at Loreen instead, haha! ♥

Don't really know where to start. But I think i'm not going to tell you everything, you will have to wait for the musicvideo. Okay, here we goooo!

I was sitting at home and did nothing. I opened Facebook and I see the status that Loreen had written, that you could come on to the set of the music video. I texted Ajda directly and we decided that we would go there. Half an hour later, I sat on the bus on my way. The other second, me and Ajda was there, it went so fast because of all the happiness!

There was a pool with no water in it. In the pool was a lots of people dancing, it looked really cool. We jumped into the pool and started dancing like crazy, haha. It was like a kind of "Rave" party. We danced and danced to the music, but no sight of Loreen. After a while, we see her go into the pool and begins to dance with everyone. It was so freaking cold, so me and Ajda started to do some strange/random beat clapping thing on our legs and everyone in t started to do the same. Loreen was standing very close to us, so she turnd around and saw that we were the once that begin with the clapping, so she dance forwords to us and says, "Here are my girls! Are you here? How fun!", We get a big hug and then she danced with us for a little while. Was like dream! :D

There was a break. We went up to Loreen and took photos with her and then it started again.

When everything was over, the most people went home, but we stayed;) It was just the whole team and some dancers plus we left! So we walked (of course) to Loreen and started talking! I'm not going to tell you everything we talked about, but the first thing she said was “oh so you’re leaving? Ditching me, really?”, and we answerd "nooo, we want to stay longer!". Then we talked a little bit about our Loreenator group on Facebook, the gift we gave to her on the signing, "Julgalan" and some more stuff. Then Loreen asked us if we were Loreenators, Ajda said "Nooo... We just have a blog about you and write about you several hours a day. No, no, we are not Loreenators, haha! (Irony if someone didn't understood that, haha!)".

The day was indescribable, you can not describe my happiness! Loreen remember me. She knew who I was and that really means very much to me. It was really cool to see how it works behind the camera. I'm studying  media, so this was kind of my thing, heh! :) To those who haven't met Loreen, never give up! You will meet her one day, you just have to believe it yourself. Hugs to you guys!

Loreen, me (with the blue jacket), Ajda and Julia (a Loreenator we met there. YEY!) on the picture from Loreen's Instagram. ♥

Loreenators came by the shoot

Loreen instagram update, "Loreenators came by the shoot".

Yes, that's me there! In the blue jacket :D I will tell you more tomorrow. <3

Behind the scenes @ My Heart Is Refusing Me, Music video


Picture from Robert Nordberg's Instagram
I'm so freaking excited! ♥

Loreen interview for in Romania (Interview & picture)

Loreen at X Factor Romania (Videos)

"Gaffa priset 2012" - Vote for Loreen


Loreen on Radio "Kiss Fm" Romania (Interview & Pictures)

Click on the pictures 
Pictures found here!

Loreen in the magazine "Cirkulera"

Pictures from the magazine.


Loreen got Sweden back on the ”Eurovision-heaven”. She is a small person but has got a voice borrowed from the Angels. “Cirkulera” tried to capture her soul and the thoughts about the return and reduce the amount of waste at a anonymous hotel room in Stockholm. 

We consume to much, she says from the Grey, seemingly comfortable sofa. Plates with leftovers indicates on a long day in her new life. Just half a year ago everything looked different. Before Eurovision.

The thin person in front of me is dressed in tight jeans, a T-shirt that gives somewhat of a ”worn-out-feeling” and huge shoes. Black eyes hide behind a matching fringe. She calls herself worldwide-citizen and in that lays a great self-imposed responsibility. She wants to help everybody. 
-If you are strong yourself you have a responsibility to help others, she means. 

Buy us happiness
Loreen talks about consumption. She express herself with a warm, word-painting voice. She has thoughts about most things. It is easy to understand that she is magical on stage and took Europe with storm.

-Every land has their problems. In the third world their is no opportunity to consume. It is about surviving. But her in the west is is like there is something missing and we consume to be happy. We try to buy us happiness, safety. We just try to fit in. 
Loreen herself does not buy much, she says. She lives simple. ”Simplicity”, as she calls it herself. She would more likely put money on a good dinner or health-products. 
- And I love to put my money on others around me, she points out. When she buy things she thinks about where and how it is produced. It can cost more. It is about thinking on what you lay your money on, prioritize and compromise. Not put the money on something that just gives short joy. She don´t mind borrowing clothes. Especially stage-clothes, which she borrows from different showrooms. She would never let stage-clothes be accustomed only for her.

She sort the garbage, plastic, paper and food waste. Loreen philosophize that it is easier with waste-sorting in a small town where their is more communication. In Stockholm most people think about their self, here it is about your carrier.

Loreen comes from simple conditions.

She was born in Stockholm, Moroccan parents. She was 6 year old when her parents separated and Loreen moved with Her mum to Västerås.
- We were many siblings, so mum had to do her magic in order to survive. She knew what we needed, and she was good at making the money go around, never wasted food always saved it for later. 
There is a pride about her mum, and you can suspect that it is from her Loreen gets her engagement. 
- I hate discrimination, man or woman. It is about human rights. I have seen it up close. My mum was a fighter, she succeeded to break away, but that does not mean she was an outcast, she says.

She talk about poor cousins, who barley have a roof over their head, lives on just a few square meters with sheep in the same room and girls in give in marriages, not of cruelty but in order to survive, just to get food for the day. 
For Loreen family means safety.
-People make me feel safe. When I am together with the ”main people” in my life, like mum and my siblings i can let my guard down and be myself. 

Music was a sanctuary
Loreen was withdrawn as a child. Very withdrawn she says with a vague uncertain smile. Maybe she was a child that didn’t have it easy all the time. She found a sanctuary, music. She loved to lock herself in the bathroom, play with the acoustics and do magic with the echo of her voice. She put out the light to focus on the sound. 
To be an artist was distant to her. The music was private, very private. But everyone has a destiny, Loreen believes. And hers was music. She tried other paths too, for example being a host on a television show.  
- I was awful, so bad, she says and laughs. 
It was people around her that made her aware of the fact that she should share her music. But that was a huge step.
- It was a process to learn to share my music, to dare to express things I only held private before, she says. 
It was Idol that decided her fate. Her sister persuaded Loreen to search to Idol. Who know, maybe otherwise the bathroom still would have been her stage. 

Evolution turns
We return to consumption and happiness. Loreen hopes the evolution is in its turning point. That the consumers just dig their own grave. 
- It is about awareness, she says. We start to see through the big companies illusions which main purpose is to make us want to buy more. Now, we start to think more about ourself. Just think about yoga that now is a type of work out and health stores are running better than ever. 
Loreen don´t´think this new trend will make us more selfish. More like: if we feel good we can help others to feel good too. 
-If we are happy, really happy we don´t need to consume, she says. But above all we need to stay true to ourselves. That I live they way I want to live, i don´t compromise. But, Loreen adds, in order to stay true to yourself you need to understand your own truth. 
Loreen make herself an example. She thinks much about that she need to feel good. I think about what i eat and use a lot of different healthy products and try to go to quiet retreats twice every year.

That makes her feel good, and when she feels good she is strong and only then can she take responsibility for others.  She is for example engaged in the women´s situation in Azerbaijan.

Loreen talks about people that inspires her. About people that are true to themselves and through that can give other people energy and inspiration. She talks about a 70 year old woman she met by coincidence. 
- She has in 15-20 years devoted her life to trying to get girls away from prostitution. She tries to persuade girls to get off the street. She turns to different companies and ask for food to give them, and a place for them to stay. The pimps threats her, but she stands there strong. Talk about will-power, a fire soul! She gives me inspiration. 

Don´t want to compromise. 
Back to Idol. Idol wanted to form Loreen to something she wasn’t. She were to sing a certain song in a certain way and even look a certain way. 
- That made the heart and brain wake up, she says and paints emotions with her hands. It evoked questions. Do I want to become an artist, do I want to sing others´ songs, do I want to compromise?
 The answer is, Loreen wants to be her own, to do things her own way, not compromise. 
- The need to express myself in my own way was enormous. 
Idol unconsciously made Loreen find her own truth. That it was not ok for others to intrude in her integrity, that there is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity and that she don´t want to compromise. 
Loreen believes in herself and came to Melodifestivalen 2011 to later on sweep clean the floor in Europe 2012. Her first album was release in October. 
It is hard to capture a persons soul in a anonymous hotel room. Maybe Loreen wants to keep her soul for herself. But she let us see glimpse of it anyway.

Text: Catharina Petrini

Loreen Instagram update

Loreen Instagram update, "Andrei Leonte:)"

Instagram update

Loreen instagram update, "Romania!!! Did you watch #xfactor last night".

Loreen - Euphoria x2 + Interview @ Spain

Loreen wearing our bracelet!!

We just discovered that the bracelet Loreen has in this picture is the bracelet I and a few other Loreenators gave to Loreen at her signing! Or in the must be it, if not Loreen have one that looks exactly the same;) It's twisted a silver, just like the one we gave to her! MY GOD, I'M LIKE DEAD NOW! ♥

Loreen on X Factor Romania tonight (Live stream)

Watch Loreen on X Factor Romania live right now (20:30pm). Click HERE or on the picture to watch. 

Pictures from Loreen's performance at "Julgalan" in Falun yesterday

These are Åsa Larssons pictures, please respect that and don't copy or take them before asking her!

Loreen att Julgalan in Falun (pictures)

Pictures found on instagram, by @beyloreenlover & @jakoboqvist

Amanda Fondell Fanblogg - Länkbyte

Klicka på bilden för att komma in på den fina Amanda Fondell Fanblogg! Ni kan hitta dom senaste nyheterna om henne där och även mossor med annat roligt om Amanda! Kram! ♥

Loreen's performance at Los 40 Ballantines yesterday (Video)


Loreen sold Platinum with her single “Euphoria” in Spain!

Från Anna Kokotos blogg. 

I går va en lång dag med en massa besök hos olika tv och radiostationer.
I näst sista direktsända tv prgmet Loreen va med i så fick hon sin platina skiva.

Grattis Loreen!!!! Tror iofs att allt beror på det braiiga sminket.  

Pictures from Loreen's performance at Los 40 Ballantines yesterday

Picture found here!

Picture found here!

Pictures found here!

Exclusive Polaroid Portrait

MTV EMA 2012 Exclusive Polaroid Portrait. By Robin Mellor. Found here!

Loreen at Los Premios 40 Principales Ballantines 2012 tonight

The show starts at 10 PM

Music video for "My Heart Is Refusing Me"!



Song of the day #1, #2, #3 & #4

From Loreen's facebook. Loreen update a "song of the day" almost every day. Below you have the first four, the one at the bottom is from today. ♥

8/11 2012
Song of the day #1

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

9/11 2012
Song of the day #2
Kanye West - Flashing light

10/11 2012
Song of the day #3 
Björk - Play dead
14/11 2012
Today we'll go with this video #4 
Nosaj Thing. This guy is amazing. 

Loreen interview with Plejada at EMA

Loreen for Norwegian VK

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Loreen hälsning från MTV EMA Frankfurt

Loreen t-shirt in H&M

Loreen @ MTV EMA 2012 Frankfurt (Interview)

Loreen @ MTV EMA 2012 Frankfurt (Pictures)

Pictures found HERE! 
The first pictures on Loreen from the Red carpet on MTV EMA. 

MTV EMA 2012 Frankfurt

Tonight will MTV EMA 2012 Frankfurt broadcast live on channel MTV at 8pm. If we're lucky, maybe you'll see Loreen on the red carpet, or in the audience! 


Loreen - "Crying Out Your Name" & "Euphoria" @ Nyhetsmorgon

Loreen on Nyhetsmorgon (photos)

Picture from sorayalavasani @ Instagram

Loreen - "In My Head" @ Nyhetsmorgon

Loreen on Nyhetsmorgon (LIVE STREAM!)

Click in the picture to see the live stream! 

 She just performed “In My Head” (amaziiiingly!) but will interviewed in 50 minutes! I’ll post all the videos later :)

09.21 In My Head
10.17 Interview
10.38 Crying Out your Name
11.15 Euphoria


From Ajda's tumblr.

Loreen on Nyhetsmorgon (photos)

Pictures from Robert Nordberg's Instagram.

Loreen on nyhetsmorgon (photo)

From Robert Nordberg's Instagram, "Tv lördags morgon. Kolla 19.20".

Loreen on nyhetsmorgon (photo)

From Lili Assafea's instagram, "Rep inför Nyhetsmorgon lördag @loreenofficial".

Loreen on "nyhetsmorgon" tomorrow

Don't miss Loreen on "Nyhetsmorgon" (Swedish tv) tomorrow. Info in the picture :) hugs!

New photo

Photo by: Magnus Ragnvid
Photo found: HERE! 

Congrats Barack Obama

♥ Loreen facebook update ♥

Loreen at Genatsvale City official opening in Moscow

Pictures found HERE! 

Loreen live performance in Moscow

She performed "In My Head", "Everytime" and "Crying Out Your Name" in part one. In Part two she performed "My Heart Is Refusing Me" and "Euphoria". So freaking good, omg! ♥ 

Black and white collage

Sorry for such a bad update on the blog the past few days! Have so much in school right now, and unfortunately, the school goes in firsthand... So now this week it will be very bad update, just so you guys know. Hugs! ♥

Vinnaren av Loreen klistermärks tävlingen

» Stort grattis säger vi till Amanda B, Amanda L & Agnes B
 som kommer få hem ett varsitt litet block med Loreen klistermärken!

Ett mail med information är redan skickat till er. Vill samtidigt ge ett enormt tack till alla som var med i tävlingen - ni alla var grymma! Var inte allt för ledsna att ni inte vann, någon gång i framtiden kommer det dyka upp flera tävlingar. 

Puss & Kram! ♥

Loreen / AdamLive 2011, Full Interview (+ "Sober" LIVE)

Loreen interview in Moscow (Full interview)


Senare idag kommer vinnarna av tävligen att utses. Bättre sent en aldrig, eller hur? haha ♥

8 Questions With Loreen @ FritzAkutell

Video found here!

❥ Loreen Talhaoui

Made by me. Please spread the picture, just write a comment if you do that. ♥

Pictures from Loreen's performace in Moscow tonight

Picture found on Loreen's facebook 

Picture found here!

Picture found on Ajdas tumblr!

Number one on Sweden's Toplist!



Loreen in QX, November issue 2012 (English)

Greatest in Europe

Loreen recently released her extremely anticipated debut album. We felt that it was time to once again let the Eurovision winner grace the cover of QX and talk about the album, the past year and her love for her gay fans, which she says has taken her to where she is today.

We haven’t seen each other since the night before she went to Azerbaijan. Then we hugged each other before her promotional gig in a room on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. Then I knew that she would go to Baku and win. 

Now here we are five months later. Euphoria is one of the most successful Eurovision winners ever and has been number one on the charts in seventeen European countries.
- The past six months have consisted of previously booked gigs, new after-victory-promotion and the completion of my album. It’s been hectic. I could receive a mix of a song while I was in Spain and then change it the way I wanted it in a studio in Germany.

Most of the Swedish gigs that were booked before the Eurovision victory were conducted despite the demand after her abroad.
- I wanted to get out and meet those who support me, and I refused to cancel. It would have been terrible not to give them something back, she says seriously.

The difference between Loreen before she competed in Melodifestivalen in Växjö in February and now, isn’t big. But she says that she’s become more hard-bitten. She dares to put her foot down when she doesn’t feel that she is following what is going on.
- This has been a great test. How important it is to protect your identity. I see that people around me have a financial interest and want to strike now, and that’s okay. But I have to think of myself too. I have stood, as an only woman, at the record company and struggled for what I want. I have, of course, gained knowledge on how things work before, because to go there and not have a clue of what’s going on is not going to work. In international terms, there is a way of production thinking that differs from Sweden, and I’ve become aware of that. But I am the creator, and there must be a respect between the businessmen, strategists and me. That’s just the way it is.

Have you had any personal time since you won?
- I’m starting to have some now, and then I’m just home. I meditate and do things that have nothing to do with my work. I can just simply sit down…. it may sound boring but it’s so nice to turn off the phone and just be. I feel comfortable in my own company.

How does your home look like?
- It’s very simple. I need a platform that grounds me and I don’t like to own things. I don’t have lot of furniture and stuff, and there are no pictures on the walls. Just one red dot, for focusing.

I’m trying to get an idea how big that red dot appears on a blank wall. Is it big? Handpainted or printed? But before I can ask she continues:
- I recently renovated a bedroom into walk-in closet. A friend helped me with it, because I need to be able to structure. I borrow a lot of clothes, and must maintain the arrangement of it. If it’s a mess then it’s a controlled mess, I’m pretty pedantic. I want it to be clean when I come home after a work trip. I could miss flights, and actually have missed flights, because I had to clean so that things are where it’s supposed to be when I get home.

She laughs.

I can imagine that the people around her wouldn’t do the same if they knew Loreen missed the flight because she had to vacuum clean when she was supposed to be sitting in a taxi on the way to the airport.

The most common question Loreen has received in the past year has been about how it felt to win and it bothers her a bit. Partly because she says it wasn’t she who won, it was her team and everyone who believed in her. Partly because her focus was on performing as good she possibly could on stage, and she didn’t have time to really realize how the victory itself felt.
- But there’s one thing about this whole Melodifestivalen and Eurovision that bothers me. I hate the notion that “people with cred” say that there’s only nerds who watch Eurovision song contest, and that ordinary people don’t understand what good music is. Some journalists have said that I differ from the rest in the contest, and I’m not like everyone else. Don’t sit around and talk shit. What gives them the right to say what’s good music and what’s uncool? I have been a bullied victim all my life I don’t want to belong to a group who thinks that they are better than others. I’m so glad that people connected to my performance, that they believe in something different.

Loreen has shown that “different” works in bigger contexts, and when Melodifestivalen kicks off next year, it feels like she has re-written the rules for what the Swedish people will vote for. But it wasn’t an easy road. There were a lot of opinions on her performance before she won Sweden’s fifth victory in Eurovsion: Too dark, too introverted, too separate and too much fringe.
- I like my fringe . It’s a little protection. We humans are always searching for the eyes, and if you can’t directly see the eyes, you detect differently. You listen better if you don’t get direct contact with the eyes, which are said to reflect the soul.

 The album Heal, that was released a few days ago, has been eagerly awaited. And according to me, who was able to hear a couple of tracks before ending the interview in May last year, she corresponds to the expectations. She creates her own sound. And the songs already released are dressed in new suits. My Heart is Refusing Me has become more of a dance tune and more “easy” while the single Sober has become darker.
- Sober sounds now like I originally wanted it to sound. The version that was released is a compromise and I have always been irritated over that. I wanted to give the story a different sound and make it darker.
She smiles. She’s aware that it’s easily a lot of pain in the songs and that she has to balance with lighter productions so that “you wouldn’t only to want to cut your wrists”
- I am pretty “light” myself. But then I end up in my trances and it becomes something different, something with a lot of pain. It’s a process … and who knows, maybe there will be a light romantic record in the future.

She smiles and continues:
- So I looked into what songs I could make “lighter”, and MHIRM … already exist in another version, so now it could be created in this way. I tire quickly with productions and like to play and be creative. And it’s just pure mathematics really: A record that only has pain from beginning to end is …the pain becomes more accessible if you get breathing space in-between. Otherwise you can’t take in the message.

Message yes. Loreen was not only unique in the Eurovision by taking home a crushing victory and giving us a performance we haven’t seen in this context before. She also dared to take a position in Azerbaijan, and visited human rights organizations between rehearsals and cocktail parties.
- Everything I do has a connection to people. I want to make others feel something, and it’s not for my own sake. To just go up on a stage and pose gives me nothing, then I might as well stand in front of the mirror at home. In Baku I got the press on my side and they wrote about other things than that I slipped on stage and what I wore on stage. I wish there had been more time there, so I that could have set up even more meetings.

She talks about a gig she did in Belarus. How she had to talk in codes when she called home, how had to be sneaky to meet people for dissident organizations and how she realized it was useless to argue when she didn’t want to go in President Lukashenko rented limousines.
- I took the money I earned and gave them to an organization working for human rights. It was the only right thing to do for me.

She strongly disagrees with those who think that Eurovision shouldn’t be organized in countries with oppression and dictatorship.
- When people said, ‘Should Eurovision really be in Baku, they’re xenophobic and don’t like gays, “, I was against it. If it’s somewhere that Eurovision should be it’s right there. It’s great that we can go there and highlight the problems. It’s terrible that people can’t live freely.

I understand why you were popular amongst Eurovision fans, which largely consists of homosexuals.
- I was embraced by the gay community from the start. I would probably not be sitting here today if it had not been for that support. We stick together, the one’s who feel the need to protect people who are different.

What do you mean by “we”?
-We who … act in a different way, that don’t think female/male, who doesn’t want to be labelled. The one’s that are different according to the masses.
She smiles and continues:
- That’s the way it is. I will not forget who was there from the start. And I understand why. Takes one to know one (laughs). It’s because you are different.

 Last time I interviewed you for QX you said something that I’ve carried with me. “Love is where you find it.” I like that way of thinking.
- Yes, that love should be defined by whether you have a penis or a pussy is quite sick.
She points to the genital area, and then the heart.
- This is pleasure, this is the heart. It’s really not that hard.
A Eurovision winner has spoken.

Translation by Ajda!

Loreen facebook update

This just make me so happy, to hear from her self and not "Team L". That means alot for us Loreenators!

Loreen arrives in Moscow

Loreen @ MDR SPUTNIK (Pictures)

Pictures found here

Loreen live @ MDR SPUTNIK (Video)

Picture found here

Loreen interview for + photo

Loreen on Planet More Music Radio (pictures)

Picture from planetmoremusicradio @ Instagram

Picture from gab_ffm @ Instagram

Picture from markalexffm @ Instagram

Loreen acoustic version of “My Heart is refusing me” @ Planet More Music Radio in Germany yeasterday!

Loreen at radio SAW in Germany (pictures)

Pictures from

Loreen in this months number of QX magazine

Download this QX as an PDF file here.

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