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Loreen interview and live performance at "Vakna med NRJ" yesterday

Loreen participated in a radio interview yesterday morning at "Vakna med NRJ". She also performed "We Got The Power" live. ♥

Loreen to "Vakna Med NRJ" tomorrow

collage made by me
Loreen will appear on "Vakna med NRJ" tomorrow at 8:35 am, TV5 (Swedish TV). There will be an interview and maybe, if we're lucky, she might even sing. And just like a warning now, we will not be able to see the whole interview later, just some short clips on youtube. If not someone record it. ♥
I think you can listen to it live on the radio also, here and there will maybe be an live stream at TV 5 Play, here. Everything is very unclear right now.

Loreen interview at “Hit Fm” in Spain

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!Loreen interview at “Hit Fm”. This interview was recorded a few days ago in Spain. 



When she talks about her “Warriors” and when she sings… i’m dead right now! ♥image

Loreen radio interview "Kiss Fm" in Spain


Loreen on Kiss Fm tonight!

This interview was recorded yesterday but they air it now at 6pm. Click HERE or on the picture to listen! ♥ 

MNM Radio - Party met Laureen tonight

Tonight at 9pm, there will be a "Loreen-party" as MNM Radio calls it. I guess they will play Loreen's music and maybe music Loreen herself has chosen.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! (That link didn't work for me... Click HERE instead)

Loreen interview for Radio "P4 Norway"

Hlick HERE and then press where it says: 
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 1
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 2
Hør lyd: Loreen - Del 3

Loreen @ MDR SPUTNIK (Pictures)

Pictures found here

Loreen live @ MDR SPUTNIK (Video)

Loreen interview for + photo

Loreen on Planet More Music Radio (pictures)

Picture from planetmoremusicradio @ Instagram

Picture from gab_ffm @ Instagram

Picture from markalexffm @ Instagram

Loreen acoustic version of “My Heart is refusing me” @ Planet More Music Radio in Germany yeasterday!

Loreen at radio SAW in Germany yesterday

Click here or on the image to listen to the interview

sorry guys for really bad update on the blog these last days, I haven't been home so much...

Loreen - My Heart Is Refusing Me (acoustic at Radio Nova Finland)

Loreen interview with "Hångla" year 2011


LISTEN TO IT HERE! Translation will come later, if I have time. ♥

Loreen in p4

Don't forget to listen to P4 at 11:40 pm today, Loreen will be there!

Loreen at Radio "Vakna! Med the voice" this morning

Loreen interview with Radio P3

Lyssna: Kronologen gästas av Loreen

Oh goooood! It was me who asked the question about her favourite candy, haha! ♥

Exclusive Preview

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3: In My Head - Loreen
♥ Exclusive Preview on "In My Head" from Loreens new album HEAL. It's so fucking good, breathtaking! ♥

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