Picture from "Paris Fashion Week 2013"

 ♥ Picture taken by Allezxandra.com ♥

Please respect the copyright. If you would like to borrow the picture, please contact Allezxandra.com
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New photo ♥

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Picture on Loreen from "Paris Fashion Week 2013"

♥ Picture by Allezxandra.com ♥

New Photo ♥

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New promotional pictures

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Pictures found on Loreen's official website, Loreen.se.

Picture from Anna Kokotos blog. This is an edit made by Ajda, the original photo can you find here. ♥


Photo by: Bjørn Opsahl

Loreen on "Stockholm Fashion Week"

Pictures by Semra.se
Wow, can you really be this beautiful? The curly hair, the clothes, her rings, everything MY GOD!!! ♥

Picture found here

New press photos on Loreen

Pictures by Jimmy Backius
Picture found HERE!

Loreen HEAL back cover photo

Cover picture for "Heal"

This is the cover photo for Loreen's new debut-album "Heal". It's sooo beautiful, i LOVE it! <3

Loreen in "The Calendar"

Picture taken from THIS video. 
My edit. 

Loreen in Situation Sthlm (pictures)

Loreen in Situation Sthlm Magazine #182.
Photographed by Magnus Sandberg.
Scanned copies by me.

Loreen in BON magazine (pictures)

Photos found on Loreenxtalhaoui.tumblr.com! You can bye BON magazine in the stores now (only in Sweden).

More pictures from the CHIC photoshoot

Pictures found HERE!

Bakstage pictures from the CHIC photoshoot

Pictures found HERE!


Best Dressed Celebrity!

Click for larger version

Congratulations Loreen for the award "Best Dressed Celebrity" in CHIC style awards! I I knew you would win! 
"Med ett eklektiskt sinnelag skapar hon suggestiva uttryck med sina klädval. Lekfullhet och en kompromisslös attityd gör hennes stil till ett spännande alternativ i dagens modebild."


Dom underbar bilderna är tagna av Peterknutson.se ♥ Det är en gammal fotografering, men den är lika underbar för det!

Photoshoot & album release is getting closer!!

Loreens instagram, "Can you guess what I'm doing today?"

Loreens instagram, "You're so right u guys... Photoshoot & album release is getting closer!!"


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