I'm back from Iceland!

Some pictures from my Instagram in Iceland
Iceland was very beautiful, so magical. If Loreen would be a country she would have been Iceland, hahah! We'll keep our fingers crossed that she will shoot a music video or something there :) I'm going to publish all the things that me and you guys have missed while I was gone, so be ready for an update bomb :D ♥

I'm going to Iceland today...

collage made by me

I think the title said it all. But today I'm going on a class trip to Iceland. I will be away for 4 days, so I will be home on Friday. Unfortunately I will not be able to update the blog while I'm away, because I will not have any Internet... See you on Friday! 
Hugs, Emma ♥

Loreen at "Skavlan" (Pictures)

Pictures found here!
 Loreen on "Skavlan" that was recorded today. It will be broadcast this friday (tomorrow) on SVT1 at 9pm. And guys, I was there! It was so beautiful, you are going LOVE the performance!!!! ♥

"Ask me" - New box in the menu

In this box can you ask me questions about for example, Loreen's gigs, if you want to know something about me or what ever you want. Just click on the "ask me!" button, write your question and then press "Skicka din fråga (Send you're question)". ♥

New box in the menu - Vote!

in this box you will be able to see all the awards Loreen is nominated in. If I have missed any award, then you can you email me at loreentalhaoui@live.se, or in a comment here on the blog! ♥

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Surprise - Working on a new design

I'm currently working on a new design for the blog. The design will be similar, I will change the boxes, header and some small details. The color theme will still be red and black. ♥

I must also ask you, do you think that the blog should be in Swedish, English or a little mixed as I have right now (if it is so that I start to just write in Swedish, there is a translate thing in the menu, where you can translate the entire blog)? Vote below.


New box in the menu

I have now added a "Instagram" box in the menu. There, the last pictures I have uploaded to my instagram (@Loreenpictures) will appear ♥

Three more pictures from "Julgalan" in Friends Arena last night!

If you want to borrow my pictures please ask me first and then, link back to my blog, Loreen.blogg.se 

We even got the chance to meet our beauty Loreen backstage. Do you want to hear the whole "story"? ♥

I'm going to "Julgalan" tonight!

Ikväll ska jag, Ajda och Julia till Julgalan. Kommer därför inte kunna blogga ikväll. Men kolla in min Loreen fan instagram @loreenpictures, för bilder under kvällen. Kram! 

My story from last night - Musicvideo for MHIRM

Me and Loreen yesterday. Yeah, it was very windy so I had my eyes closed on the photo, so... just Ignore me and look at Loreen instead, haha! ♥

Don't really know where to start. But I think i'm not going to tell you everything, you will have to wait for the musicvideo. Okay, here we goooo!

I was sitting at home and did nothing. I opened Facebook and I see the status that Loreen had written, that you could come on to the set of the music video. I texted Ajda directly and we decided that we would go there. Half an hour later, I sat on the bus on my way. The other second, me and Ajda was there, it went so fast because of all the happiness!

There was a pool with no water in it. In the pool was a lots of people dancing, it looked really cool. We jumped into the pool and started dancing like crazy, haha. It was like a kind of "Rave" party. We danced and danced to the music, but no sight of Loreen. After a while, we see her go into the pool and begins to dance with everyone. It was so freaking cold, so me and Ajda started to do some strange/random beat clapping thing on our legs and everyone in t started to do the same. Loreen was standing very close to us, so she turnd around and saw that we were the once that begin with the clapping, so she dance forwords to us and says, "Here are my girls! Are you here? How fun!", We get a big hug and then she danced with us for a little while. Was like dream! :D

There was a break. We went up to Loreen and took photos with her and then it started again.

When everything was over, the most people went home, but we stayed;) It was just the whole team and some dancers plus we left! So we walked (of course) to Loreen and started talking! I'm not going to tell you everything we talked about, but the first thing she said was “oh so you’re leaving? Ditching me, really?”, and we answerd "nooo, we want to stay longer!". Then we talked a little bit about our Loreenator group on Facebook, the gift we gave to her on the signing, "Julgalan" and some more stuff. Then Loreen asked us if we were Loreenators, Ajda said "Nooo... We just have a blog about you and write about you several hours a day. No, no, we are not Loreenators, haha! (Irony if someone didn't understood that, haha!)".

The day was indescribable, you can not describe my happiness! Loreen remember me. She knew who I was and that really means very much to me. It was really cool to see how it works behind the camera. I'm studying  media, so this was kind of my thing, heh! :) To those who haven't met Loreen, never give up! You will meet her one day, you just have to believe it yourself. Hugs to you guys!

Loreen, me (with the blue jacket), Ajda and Julia (a Loreenator we met there. YEY!) on the picture from Loreen's Instagram. ♥

Loreenators came by the shoot

Loreen instagram update, "Loreenators came by the shoot".

Yes, that's me there! In the blue jacket :D I will tell you more tomorrow. <3

Loreen wearing our bracelet!!

We just discovered that the bracelet Loreen has in this picture is the bracelet I and a few other Loreenators gave to Loreen at her signing! Or in the must be it, if not Loreen have one that looks exactly the same;) It's twisted a silver, just like the one we gave to her! MY GOD, I'M LIKE DEAD NOW! ♥

My Wonderful day on X Factor

This text is from Ajda! I didn't have time to write my own text, haha! ♥ But the day was freaking amazing!

I’ll just tell you about the whole day! :) I was there with Amanda and Emma, two other Loreenbloggers and also two Loreenators named Jenny and Tilda!  

We got there early, even before the rehearsals started and we saw Loreen’s car parked outside one of the backstage entrances, that was just next to our entrance.
We waited there for a while to see if she maybe came out! We started queuing when the people going to the rehearsals had gone in. She never did come out during that time, but we did write a letter that we put on her car!

When we were finally let inside, we rushed to get good seats and they were awesome seats!!

When Loreen came on stage, we screamed her name and jumped up and down. Even before she started singing she did the heart sign to us because she saw us do it. She performed during the TV break, like when they show news and another TV-show so that the viewers at home have time to vote. She performed twice
because there was something wrong with the microphone the first time! 

During the second performance some people on the rows before us left (friends and family to the Xfactor contestants, probably went backstage) so we moved up a bit, standing even closer to the stage! and we freaked out like I can’t even tell you

Loreen saw us jumping up and down and singing a long to the song. She smiled to us and then when she had finished the performance we screamed her name and did heart signs again and she did one back again!

After her performance, we were like “shit, we should go outside, we might meet her”. 
So we walked outside, saw her car still standing on the same spot, and we thought that she has to come out some time, so we started waiting. 

The guard of the backstage entrance that we had talked to earlier that day told us that Loreen herself had gone out and found our letter and had sighed and said “oh, I’m definately going to keep this”. Think I died a little when he said that!
We waited for about an hour until a person came out and said that Loreen had left through another entrance and that he was going to move the car. 
We got disappointed but then he said “oh let me video record a message to her” and he did! An awkward video for sure but hey, it was great that he did us that favour!!! Hopefully she saw it and laughed ♥ ♥

Interview with me for Descubriendo Eurovision

Check out the interview with me for Descubriendo Eurovision! Click on the picture to read the spanish interview or read the english verision here under the photo. Thank you so much for the interview, it was really fun! :) ♥

1º When and why you became a fan of Loreen?
I liked Loreen already last year when she sang "My heart is refusing me" in the 2011 Swedish Eurovision song contest (Melodifestivalen) trials, but it was probably when Loreen sang "Euphoria" in the first race 2012, that I fell for the song first. That same evening I went to youtube and watched lots of interviews with Loreen, and in that moment I totally falled in love with her personality! A few days after that I started the Loreen fanblog. In some ways she reminds me of myself, the way she thinks and her opinions in many things, I think that is why she attracted me as a person.

2º Emma, What do you feel when talk with Loreen in the airport?
I felt just wow.... I never thought in my dreams that I would get the chance to talk to her there at the airport, my hope was that I would be able to at least see a little bit of her, close. But suddenly I had the chance to speak to her, but I almost wasn´t able get any words out, I was so happy! haha! I think managed to say two words, Yes and thanks. haha! But when I walked up to her the second time (I forgot to get an autograph), it went much better, I came up a few more words! But it was a memory for life!

3º How are you after your operation?
I´ve had major surgery in both my knees, but It´s much better now, thank you! It still hurts a little, but the worst is behind me. Still a little hard to bend and stretch my knees. I do have 2-3 months of physiotherapy ahead of me, but after that I´ll be totally restored and ok.

4º Give me your opinion, where you think that celebrate ESC 2013? Malmö, Göteborg or Stockholm?
Stockholm of course! I live in Stockholm and it would be great to be the host of the 2013 Eurovision party! Stockholm is absolutely wonderful during spring time (and all other seasons too:-) And of course Stockholm is the capitol city of Sweden, therefore I think it would be natural to host the the Eurovision song contest finals here.
5º And finally Send a gretting to our followers of Descubriendo Eurovision.
Thank you for following and for loving Loreen and also many thanks and hugs to all of you guys and girls, for reading my blog! Continue to follow Loreen and my blog, and don’t forget to buy Loreens new album, coming this fall. Hope to see you at a Loreen concert sometime, hugs from Emma, ​​Loreen Talhaoui Fanblog - http://loreen.blogg.se!

Presentation utav mig Louise

Foto: Fredrik Persson/SKANPIX
Presentation utav mig själv:
Hej! Mitt namn är Louise (finns på facebook HÄR), och jag är en utav de två som ska blogga här medan ägaren av bloggen, Emma, ska opereras och kommer att komma tillbaka om ungefär 10 dagar. Jag är 14 år gammal, 1.73 cm lång, älskar Loreen och bor i våran huvudstad Stockholm!
Hela denna "Loreen-febern" jag fått har kommit efter att hon varit med i Melodifestivalen 2012. Hennes låt, dans och röst gjorde att jag blev helt förälskad i henne. Det var så himla unikt, hade aldrig sett något liknande tidigare. Mina röster gick helt klart till henne. Och två veckor innan det var dags för final lyssnade jag på Euphoria sisådär.. 50 gånger per dag. Så jag kunde tillslut hela Euphoria- dansen och texten utantill. Vilket jag faktiskt var lite stolt över. :-)
Det jag gillar mest Loreen är att hon verkligen visar att hon är sig själv. Som hon sagt i många intervjuer så är vi alla ute efter någonting som är äkta, det ska inte vara det här "plastic fanstastic". Vi är lite trötta på sånt. Loreen säger vad hon tycker och som jag sa innan, hon är sig själv. Hon sjunger helt fantastikt och har världens coolaste stil. Måste dessutom tillägga att jag verkligen älskar hennes hår.
Jag hoppas att jag kommer trivas här (vilket jag definitivt tror) och ni kommer få lite allt möjligt ifrån mig om Loreen, så håll er uppdaterade så ses vi snart igen! 

Fakta om mig (Ägaren av bloggen)

Hej! Nu hade jag tänkt att berätta lite mer om mig själv, kanske inte vad jag heter och så men lite annat :)

Ålder: 16 år

Bor: Stockholm

Fritid: På fritiden är jag oftast med mina underbara kompisar, pluggar, lyssnar på musik (LOREEN!), inne på datorn, fotar, shoppar och lever livet!

Musik: Som alla säkert redan vet och har märkt så tycker jag ju mest om fina Loreen Talhaoui såklart! Sen är det faktiskt lite blandat, några artister som jag tycker om är Norlie & KKV, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Maroon 5, LMFAO, Anskitet, Foster the pepole, Bruno Mars, Veronica Maggio osv. Min musiksmak är så himla blandad!

Gymnasium: Säger inte vilket gymnasium jag går i men jag kan säga att jag går media linjen år 1. På media linjen just nu har vi fyra olika media ämnen, det är Foto, Film och tv produktion, Grafisk kommunikation och Digital skapande. Sedan i tvåan kommer vi få göra mycket mer! Som T.ex. radio, tv osv. Men det är en riktigt rolig linje tycker jag! En rolig sak vi håller på med nu i Film och tv produktion är att vi kommer få göra en egen musik video, riktigt kul faktiskt!

Annat: Jag tycker det är jätte roligt med Photoshop! Älskar att redigera bilder, skapa collage, göra gif bilder och annat! Tycker också det är ganska kul med bloggdesign!

Jag älskar: Loreen, datorn, iphone, kompisar, familj, min katt, sommar, bada, sol, resa, flyga, snö, godis, choklad, musik, film, att prata, shoppa, fika, stockholm, los angeles, new york, thailand, mina kära läsare, facebook, min klass, linnen, tunikor, berg och dalbanor, jeans shorts, sälen, mat, skräck filmer, min säng, mitt hus, min kamera, foton, bloggar, skärgården, gitarrer, alla sorts fonder som hjälper till på något sätt, svensk sommar, disney filmer, pengar, killar, mitt rum, te, vatten o'boy, hotell frukost, äta på resturang, sova, barn, ständer, djur mm...

Jag ogillar: Svensk höst, chilleconcarne, bada i kallt vatten, falska vänner, ensamhet, att vara tyst, kyla, dansbandsmusik, gelegodis, att plugga, slask, att städa mm...

Hade tänkt att jag fyller på dom två sista listorna när jag kommer på mer! :D

Om det är något mer ni vill veta om mig så är det bara att fråga! ♥

2 nya saker på bloggen!

  1. Chatt-boxen: Den här chatt-boxen i sidomenyn, är till för att ni alla fansen ska kunna diskutera, fråga frågor och massor av annat :) Så det är bara skriva på där! :) Om ni skriver en liten söt kommentar i chatt-boxen till Loreen så kanske hon ser det, hon kanske kollar in på bloggen, det har hon gjort förut ;)
  2. Röstning: I den lilla boxen kommer jag ställa lite olika frågor och sedan får ni svara på dom, kul va?! :)

Loreen Talhaoui Fanblogg

Har länge velat starta någon slags fanblogg och så för några veckor sen kom jag på, varför inte Loreen? Hon är ju min favoritartist och det finns ingen fanblogg om henne, så jag tyckte att det var dags att hon också skulle får en! eller hur?

Jag själv upptäckte Loreen i melodifestivalen 2011 med låten My heart is refusing me, och efter det så lyssnade jag på den lite då och då, sen släppte hon ju låten Sober, och det var samma sak där, lyssnade lite då och då, och sen så kom Melodifestivalen 2012 och Loreen sjöng Euphoria, och jag tror nog det var där jag på riktigt började "följa" henne. Jag kollade på säkert alla youtube klipp som fanns på henne, och jag märkte också hur en sån skön människa hon är! Underbar röst, cool stil, rolig, så himla skön tjej helt enkelt! Och nu lyssnar jag på alla hennes låtar om och om igen varje dag, och jag tröttnar aldrig! :D

Nu ska jag berätta lite mer om bloggen hade jag tänkt. Den här bloggen, som sagt skapade jag för att jag verkligen älskar Loreen och för att alla fansen ska ha allt material om Loreen samlat på ett ställe. På bloggen kommer jag bland annat lägga upp youtube klipp, bilder, fakta, tävlingar och massor med annat skoj! 

Ni får jätte gärna tipsa mig om ni har någon nyhet angående Loreen, för man vet ju aldrig, jag kanske missar någon jätte stor nyhet om Loreen och så vet ni om den nyheten och inte jag! så tipsa gärna om nyheter, eller det kan ju också vara bilder och annat :) Vill också säga att jag gör länkbyten med andra fanbloggar, så skriv bara en kommentar eller ett mail till mig så kan vi prata mer om det! ♥

Nu kommer lite länkar:

Bloggens Facebook fan sida - KLICKA HÄR

Loreens officiella Facebook grupp - KLICKA HÄR

Loreens officiella hemsida - KLICKA HÄR

Loreen Twitter - KLICKA HÄR

Loreen Spotify - KLICKA HÄR

Loreen Itunes - Sober: KLICKA HÄR
My heart is refusing me: KLICKA HÄR

Ett Collage jag gjorde till UNDERBARA Loreen för några dagar sen!
Såg också att mitt collage hade kommit med i en youtube video i slutet på klippet, så jag kan väl lika gärna ta med klippet också ;)

Dom är ju så duktiga!! :D ♥

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