Interview with me for Descubriendo Eurovision

Check out the interview with me for Descubriendo Eurovision! Click on the picture to read the spanish interview or read the english verision here under the photo. Thank you so much for the interview, it was really fun! :) ♥

1º When and why you became a fan of Loreen?
I liked Loreen already last year when she sang "My heart is refusing me" in the 2011 Swedish Eurovision song contest (Melodifestivalen) trials, but it was probably when Loreen sang "Euphoria" in the first race 2012, that I fell for the song first. That same evening I went to youtube and watched lots of interviews with Loreen, and in that moment I totally falled in love with her personality! A few days after that I started the Loreen fanblog. In some ways she reminds me of myself, the way she thinks and her opinions in many things, I think that is why she attracted me as a person.

2º Emma, What do you feel when talk with Loreen in the airport?
I felt just wow.... I never thought in my dreams that I would get the chance to talk to her there at the airport, my hope was that I would be able to at least see a little bit of her, close. But suddenly I had the chance to speak to her, but I almost wasn´t able get any words out, I was so happy! haha! I think managed to say two words, Yes and thanks. haha! But when I walked up to her the second time (I forgot to get an autograph), it went much better, I came up a few more words! But it was a memory for life!

3º How are you after your operation?
I´ve had major surgery in both my knees, but It´s much better now, thank you! It still hurts a little, but the worst is behind me. Still a little hard to bend and stretch my knees. I do have 2-3 months of physiotherapy ahead of me, but after that I´ll be totally restored and ok.

4º Give me your opinion, where you think that celebrate ESC 2013? Malmö, Göteborg or Stockholm?
Stockholm of course! I live in Stockholm and it would be great to be the host of the 2013 Eurovision party! Stockholm is absolutely wonderful during spring time (and all other seasons too:-) And of course Stockholm is the capitol city of Sweden, therefore I think it would be natural to host the the Eurovision song contest finals here.
5º And finally Send a gretting to our followers of Descubriendo Eurovision.
Thank you for following and for loving Loreen and also many thanks and hugs to all of you guys and girls, for reading my blog! Continue to follow Loreen and my blog, and don’t forget to buy Loreens new album, coming this fall. Hope to see you at a Loreen concert sometime, hugs from Emma, ​​Loreen Talhaoui Fanblog -!

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