My Wonderful day on X Factor

This text is from Ajda! I didn't have time to write my own text, haha! ♥ But the day was freaking amazing!

I’ll just tell you about the whole day! :) I was there with Amanda and Emma, two other Loreenbloggers and also two Loreenators named Jenny and Tilda!  

We got there early, even before the rehearsals started and we saw Loreen’s car parked outside one of the backstage entrances, that was just next to our entrance.
We waited there for a while to see if she maybe came out! We started queuing when the people going to the rehearsals had gone in. She never did come out during that time, but we did write a letter that we put on her car!

When we were finally let inside, we rushed to get good seats and they were awesome seats!!

When Loreen came on stage, we screamed her name and jumped up and down. Even before she started singing she did the heart sign to us because she saw us do it. She performed during the TV break, like when they show news and another TV-show so that the viewers at home have time to vote. She performed twice
because there was something wrong with the microphone the first time! 

During the second performance some people on the rows before us left (friends and family to the Xfactor contestants, probably went backstage) so we moved up a bit, standing even closer to the stage! and we freaked out like I can’t even tell you

Loreen saw us jumping up and down and singing a long to the song. She smiled to us and then when she had finished the performance we screamed her name and did heart signs again and she did one back again!

After her performance, we were like “shit, we should go outside, we might meet her”. 
So we walked outside, saw her car still standing on the same spot, and we thought that she has to come out some time, so we started waiting. 

The guard of the backstage entrance that we had talked to earlier that day told us that Loreen herself had gone out and found our letter and had sighed and said “oh, I’m definately going to keep this”. Think I died a little when he said that!
We waited for about an hour until a person came out and said that Loreen had left through another entrance and that he was going to move the car. 
We got disappointed but then he said “oh let me video record a message to her” and he did! An awkward video for sure but hey, it was great that he did us that favour!!! Hopefully she saw it and laughed ♥ ♥

Postat av: Donya

Fan vilken tur ni måste haft <3<3<3

2012-10-13 @ 19:09:01

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