Interview from when Loreen preformed in Åland

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Liva: What is you favorite color?
Loreen: My favorite color… That depends. Right now, this month, navy blue. Or a lighter navy blue.
Interview: Why?
Loren i don´t know because i feel navy blue right now. Hehe.
Interviewer: So you feel different colors?
Loreen: I feel different colors, yes.
Interviewer: that is interesting.
Jonathan and Teo: Why do you preform in Åland?
Loreen: I came her because there is an awesome crowd here, some nice people! You wanted me and i wanted to be her. Things could not work out better!
Interviewer: Was this the first time you preformed at Åland
Loreen: Yes this was the first time.
Interviewer: What are your thoughts?
Loreen: It is fantastic! The audience is different from place to place. The crowd in Åland can party! That is nice. A nice audience.
Rebecka: Which is you best song you have made yourself except Euphoria?
Loreen: I like “My heart is refusing me.” It feels like people likes that one too. “My heart is refusing me” is my answer.
Elina: Where do you buy your clothes.
Loreen: Well, from all over the place. Sometimes I can buy new stuff, Acne and Dr Martins. But i can also buy things at second hand. I don´t think we should buy too much. We should use things that is already used. 
Interviewer: What are you wearing today?
Loreen: I am wearing a pair of ninja shoes. As you can see or do you?
Interviewer: Yes. 
Loreen: And then nothing over the top. A leather jacket. Something black. Very Japanese inspired. 
Interviewer: You have pants that also flattered when you danced
Jenna: Can you do a choreography with the audience tonight? So we all can enjoy your nice dance moves.
Loreen: What a great idea! I will think about that one. What a great idea! Maybe for next show.
Interviewer: Maybe next time you are in Åland.
Loreen: Yes right! Great idea!
Interviewer: Maybe you should have heard the question before the show.
Loreen: Yeah maybe i should have heard the question before the show.
Tea: Do you like dogs?
Loreen: I love dogs but i´m not sure they like me. They often bark when i pass by. I like dogs, i´m just hoping they like me.
Philip: How many years are you
Loreen: I´m as much as 28 years old. Vingt-huit as you say in French. 
Interviewer: You are one year older than me. 
Loreen: Is it like that?
Julia and Hannah: How did you come up with the idea to compete in Melodifestivalen?
Loreen: Good question. I did not come up with it, it came to me. The asked me and i though why not.
Interviewer: Will you compete again?
Loreen: No i think I should leave the stage for others. No more competitions for me.
Interviewer: So no more Melodifestivalen.
Loreen: Not as a contestant, more of an act that just preform there, check out how it is going. Keep everyone under control, hehe!
Interviewer: As a security guard?
Loreen: As a Melodifestivalen security guard. There you have it!
Jimmy: Why do you dress like you do?
Loreen: Oh, I don´t think much about… no what am I saying i think how i dress! I try to… good question. I like dressing like this. 
Timothy: Would you like do come on a Aperitif or after drink in my caravan?
Interviewer: Some guy, Timothy, wonder if you would like to come ti his caravan for a drink?
Loreen: Was his name Timo? 
Interviewer: Timothy.
Loreen: Timothy…. Beautiful Timothy. The thing is that I don´t drink. So if I have some time over I can come for a glass of Juice or Water. Cranberry Juice!
Alvin: Do you have a man? 
Interviewer: Alvin wonder if you have a man he was on that bouncy castle.
Loreen: He was named Alvin?
Interviewer: Alvin yes.
Loreen Well Alvin. No i don´have much time for a man right now. There you have it!
Deborah: How far does politics influence your singing. (The women is already speaking English.)  
Interviewer: That was Deborah, she is wondering how far does politics influence your singing. 
Loreen: Shall I answer in English?
Interviewer: You can do that if you want to.
Loreen: Ok. Well… What was her name?
Interviewer: Deborah. 
Loreen: Deborah, that was a interesting question, if politics in some way effects my music. I… I think it does. I´m not so interesting in politics, I´m actually interested in Human rights even though they go hand in hand it´s more of a… It is Human right I am interested in. And, yeah. It could actually effect my music and the way I sing.  Yeah very passionate. I am very passionate in my music and in Human rights there you go!

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