Loreen interview for Situation Sthlm (English translation)

I did an English translation for my readers who don't speak Swedish. It's made very fast, so be prepared that there may be a little translation failure in the text, haha. Hope you like it anyway. Hugs from Emma! ♥

Now will Loreen's first album be released.
Heal is a cleansing of her system, but is also about acceptance and "forgiveness." To be healed. We meet the singer and she will tell us about spirits, the importance of being quiet and the loss of a father.
It's bad weather on Strandvägen. Umbrellas are used as shields, hair swirls together in tangles and water penetrates through the hole in the well-worn shoes. Inside the Hotel Diplomat shakes me and the photographer Magnus- hand with Loreen's shivering press contact. Just then, I am relieved that I am at the last moment managed to prevent my text message to the press contact in which I wrote about "Pornography".
You know, my phone wants to auto correct "Loreen". "how is it going with pornografi?" "When can we have interview time with Pornography?" But now the atmosphere is friendly, and in the wait for the protagonist, we do as a typical swedish would do a day like this - talking about the wether and swore over the useless umbrella bought for "ullareds price (A very cheap store in Sweden)". Then loreen comes in.
- I love this wether, she says without any traces of ironi and hangs of her two jackets over a easy chair. That is energy. And i think that that depends on what body type you are. You can be small (vata), medium (pitta) or large (kapha) (?). And i am medium (pitta) and we can't take heat, because medium (pitta) is so much fire.
She is sitting in the couch, with the one leg with the more than one decimeter high platform shoe over the other leg. 
– Do you get the feeling here? She asks and looks around the room.
We sit in the part of the Hotel Diplomat that they call library. Along the walls are shelves with whiskey bottles cultivar "Mackmyra" and old books with brown and burgundy covers.
- Do you understand how much it haunts in this house, she says, and I ask if she believes in ghosts.
- I believe in spirits. You must not forget that I am berb. In Morocco you believe in spirits. There you believe that when the body dies, the soul has a choice to stay or move on. Those who choose to move on, where do they go?
– Good question, I'll tell you!! She says, laughing and get serious again. They say you go over in another form, where there is no time. The body is quite heavy, it is pretty much pain that we have to experience, it's pretty much we have to contend with in this life. Now you're thinking "In this life? What kind of mumbo jumbo is this?".
The recorder lying on the glass table shows that it has recorded for four minutes. We have already talked about life after death,  I was thinking that we would start with the simple questions: like her first album release in October, and what she was doing after the Eurovision victory. But Loreen is spiritual and she talks gladly about spirituality. She believes that the major religions are virtually "the same story". She believes in life after death, she believes in the soul. And that's the thing that makes good energy. You don't have to call it God. "Spirituality, spirituality, bam, there it is". 
But now I'm asking you about the upcoming album.
- People have heard "My heart is refusing me" and "Euphoria", I think they will be quite surprised when they hear the album. It's more adult and much darker, dirty. It's not just dance music, and maybe not dance music in the form that we are used to hear. It's cinematic and dramatic, with much strings. And very personal stories. The text is much about relationships: unrequited love, infidelity, separation anxiety, intimacy, such as herself, or people in her environment experienced. And the disc is rounded off with the song that has the same title as the album - "Heal". 
- It's about acceptance, forgiveness and moving on. It's like the whole album is a cleansing, you know like... therapy. Lorine Zeineb Nora Talhaoui born October 16, 29 years ago at Danderyd Hospital. Father and mother had come to Sweden from Morocco. They were Berbers - "a collective name for North Africa and the Sahara for the Arab population," according to the National Encyclopedia. Father had been politically active in Morocco and diplomat. He saw that his future family would be better placed somewhere else. This place was Åkersberga in Stockholm. Loreen lived her first six years of life there, very quiet - "among birds, no sirens." Then her parents get divorced. The mother was young, she was 16 years old when Loreen was born. She had seven siblings and was a bit of a "little mother".

Read the full interview in the Situation Sthlm # 182
Text: Mary Hagstrom
Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Postat av: Amanda

Hi where can you buy the magazine Situation sthlm or is it too late? :)

2012-10-21 @ 21:36:57
Postat av: Amanda

Hi where can you buy the magazine Situation sthlm or is it too late? :)

Svar: I think it's to late... But if it is still there, you buy it by the homeless :)
Loreen Talhaoui - Fanblogg ♥

2012-10-21 @ 21:37:11

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