Loreen interview in Morocco

Translation found on Ajda's blog:

I: And we’re back here in this wonderful day together with the wonderful Swedish songstress with Moroccan descent, Loreen who will be performing tomorrow at the festival together with Enrique Iglesias.
Well be greeted, Loreen! 
L: Greetings back to you.
I: Do you understand Moroccan (a dialect of Arabic spoken in Morocco) fully or just a little?
L: I understand but you’d have to speak a bit slowly!
I: Alright we’ll do it slowly then.
I: So Loreen, your parents/relatives are Moroccan, right?
L: Yes that’s right. 
I: Your mother is from Rabat (capital of Morocco) and your father’s from Nador?
L: Yes that’s right.
I: But you were born in Sweden?
L: Yeah; in Stockholm.
I: You were born and raised there as I understood?
L: Yes, but we went to visit Morocco during vacations.
I: So Morocco has always been a part of you?
L: Yes, always!
I: Before you came to Mawasine, did you listen to the music of Mawasine? 
L: When? When I was little?
Well you’re still little, haha.
L: What? I’m still little? *laughter* Sure, sure!
I: So do you like the music of the Mawasine festival?
L: Oh I adore it!
I: Are you exited about performing in front of Moroccans for the first time?

L: I have to say this in English, and I’m a bit nervous also. Because this is my first time for a Moroccan audience, it’s very special.
I: Okay so you mean you are feeling a bit nervous because it’s the first time? Alright, before we start talking about your performance, let’s talk a bit about representing Sweden in Eurovision 2012, where you performed your song, Euphoria. And then afterwards let’s talk about where you’re going from there.

I: So this performance was not the first time you were competing in the melody festival in Sweden but the second. How did you respond when you got to know that you were going to represent Sweden as a nation in the biggest music contest in the world? Tell us how you got into it too.
L: Can I answer this in English?
I: Sure, sure, Khadija will translate it for us.
L: Actually I didn’t have any plan to do the Eurovision in the beginning, it was actually somebody else that came to me and said “Don’t you want to do this?” and I said “The only way I’m gonna do this…”
I (Khadidja): Who was that person?
L: This person was actually from the record company and also the producer for the Eurovision in Sweden, the one that was the producer now, and he said that “you have to do this”. And I said ”Only if I do it my way”….or the high way 
I (Khadidja): Frank Sinatras way.
L: *sings*

(Khadidja translates the answer to Moroccan)

I: Loreen, or rather Zineb which is your real name, right?
L: Lorine, this is my first name. My pré nom. 
I: And Zineb?
L: Lorine Nora Zineb
I: Right, right, Loreen, do you listen/like to Arabic music?
L: Yes I like it a lot.
I: Do you have any favorite songs or artists?
L: Yes I like Warda (legendary Egyptian songtress).
I: Can you sing any songs of hers? Come on let’s hear it Loreen!
L: Okay I’ll just sing a little bit! *sings* 
I: Well then Loreen, for tomorrow, what will you be performing? Euphoria, right?
L: Euphoria yes, and songs from my album Heal. This is my first album. 
I: Alright, so stuff from your first album?
L: And I’m going to sing songs from that, it’s a very passionate album, very dramatic. It’s not..
I (Khadidja): Euphoric?
L: Euphoria is one of the lighter one’s, the rest of the album is a lot of pain…a lot of Warda but in English I would say.. 
(Khadidja translates the answer to Moroccan.) But that makes me wonder, Loreen, are you sad?
L: No, no not at all, but I mean there are times when you’re sad and times when you’re happy. You know with music, what comes it was out comes out. When you’re playing, if you’re playing guitar the emotions that comes out is…it’s just something. That is what’s on the album, sometimes I don’t understand it myself. 

I: Your first album has already been released right? And your second one is to be released in 2014, right? Which songs will be expecting for this new album Loreen? …or Zineb..
I (Khadidja): Or Nora, there’s three!
L: Or Nora *laughter*I: The next album is going to be much lighter, it’s going to be much more like my next single ‘We Got The Power’. It’s lot of…a lot of joy. 

(Khadidja translates to Moroccan)

I: Alright so in this new album, are you planning to have a song in Moroccan too?
L: Well, Why not?
I: Alright then Loreen, I think that the people at the festival will be really happy about your presence; with a Swedish individual of Moroccan descent. And then there Enrique Iglesias, have you met him before?
L: No I haven’t, but he’s really good!
I (Khadidja): How do you mean good, as in handsome?
L: No, as in him being a good singer! *laughter*
I: Thank you, Loreen, and Khadidja, we’ll be seeing you tomorrow.
I (Khadidja): Inshallah! I’ll be hosting the show at the place tomorrow. Until tomorrow!
I: This folk-festival was made with the support of Africa United. Bye and see you tomorrow, Inshallah!

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Tack för videon!!! ❤

2013-05-31 @ 19:13:25

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