Sorry for such a bad update on the blog. I have been in my country house the whole weekend and haven't been able to update the blog... ♥

Loreen's latest Instagram updates, 

"First I have to say how proud I am over my killing fighting crazy beautiful courages lovely wonderful best warriors that manage to collect 12500 on such short notice to the afghan committee. Second of all how much adore and love you guys. YOU are my best inspiration. And as much as you believe in me I believe in you. Love from all my heart. Proud baby".

"What's white noise ? #whitenoise".

"YEAHHHS! The best birthday present anybody has ever given me. Love youemoji".

"New York:ish.".

"5th ave. the two ladies in the back are NOT giving me the finger.".

"On My way to Brooklyn again.".


"Dumbo snack !! Why do I always feel like eating when taking a stroll ? Lazy ass!!!!#killerwale emoji".


"This beautiful woman is the mind behind Alexander Wang Homme @ingridgutto".

"Cash is king- one dollA- bill:)".

"Aaaaahhhhhh ;)".

"Finally home :) #wytheHotel Williamsburgemoji".

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