Loreen's latest Instagram updates,

"Thanks people for a beautiful evening yesterday at Anna Lindh memorial. She was a #powerful strong and intelligent woman with her heart in the right place. And so are all of you- despite gender. I love and respect you.#annalindhmemorialconcert #annalindhconcert #lovemywarriors@robertjnordberg @blkdnm".

"Are you Guys here?? #gronalund".

"Yesterday evening - Stockholm was the best - thank you for sharing it with me emoji @gronanlive #Stockholmbaby #lovemywarriors#onesyougoblackyounevergoback emoji".

"Love u guys. Thanks for yesterday. #gronalund #bestaudience".

"No words needed. #gronalund #funonstage".

"St Petersburg Russia. Beautiful architecture. People back in the days had something. emoji".

"St Petersburg Tao restaurang. Lion - Zion .".

"You guys made my night. Love you #lovemywarriors".

"Dont let them change ya or even rearrange ya. emoji You have a life to live.".

"Just found this- I'm am so thankful to all of you. #lovemypeople#lovemywarriors".

"And this. emoji".

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